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I am Faiz-ul-Hassan CEO WORDSENSE, one of the well-known business tycoons in Pakistan. My success consisted of my nonstop-struggle, brutal passion and constant rise after every failure. Here is my story, from nothing to something I dreamt of 20 years ago. 


My Early Life


My story began with a computer that I bought myself in 2000 at an early age. I belong to a small hometown and a humble family. However, my vision was always to achieve something big to make a difference in my and my family’s lives. Therefore, I knew the coming age would be the age of computers and new technologies, so I updated myself to match the world’s standards. 


When I bought my PC in my early teens, I dedicated a few months to it to learn everything about hardware and software. My dedication and determination led this teenager to being a skilled computer technician. Soon people around me started to acknowledge my skill and call me whenever they faced any problem dealing with their PCs. With time I became famous in my hometown as a computer technician.  


If I talk about my educational background and interested in Luna  Lotto Due, let me tell you I didn’t belong to the school. I always feel fed up with the typical study curriculum. I do not advise some to adopt this, but I want to share everything with you sincerely. This attitude was due to my money-making mind and entrepreneurial personality, which did not match with my school curriculum. 


My First Startup 


In the initial days of my career, I did several part-time jobs. Along with it, I continued to explore the internet and learn different stuff from there. During this time, I also started my small startup of buying and selling smartphones which added value to my business ethics and marketing strategies. 


I understood it was a time of demand for proficiency in this digital world. Thereby, I invested my time in learning digital skills that came my way, such as Google and Facebook advertisements and much more. Being dedicated to the digital world and having the experience of working at a call center, my mind started to seed an idea that nourished later as WORDSENSE. 


Anyhow, I continued my old startup as it helped me to survive in my struggling times. In 2013 I finally laid the foundation of my dream, WORDSENSE.


Giving Life to WORDSENSE 


After I laid the foundation of my call center, I worked hard day and night to bring the company where I wanted. However, I take a few years to learn and develop WORDSENSE properly. I made my team who have the same vision, passion and dedication toward my digital company.


My company grew each year with the Grace of God and my team’s support. My company has generated great revenue year by year till 2019. 


Pandemic Time 


2020, the year of pandemic and havoc, disturbed most businesses worldwide. Unfortunately, my business was also affected, and the situation went so bad that I had to shut down my company. The havoc continued until 2021; however, my optimistic personality prevented me from losing patience and trust in myself. 


The Resurrection of WORDSENSE 


As the pandemic ended in 2021, my phoenix persona again rose to complete my dream that I had to abandon due to CORONAVirus. Due to my unstoppable struggle and determination, I have taken my company there, where I always wanted to be. Today I count as one of Pakistan’s most famous people in business. 


Failure and success are two sides of the same coin. They are inseparable in life’s journey and integral to our personal and professional growth. Believe you can, and you’re halfway there. Yes, that’s my formula for success.

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