Natural Body Lotion – It’s Easy to Make Your Own Luxurious Version,The Difference Between Body Lotion and Cream

Natural body lotion is a wonderful product, and not at all difficult to make. You can customize the thickness of your lotion, and choose to make versions free of colorants or scent if you have extra sensitive skin. Or you can go all out and use essential oils to make a unique scent for your lotion that cannot be found in stores–the choice is entirely up to you. You can change the moisturizing properties of your lotion by selecting different oils for your recipe as well.12 Best Retinol Body Lotions of 2022: Smoother, Firmer-Looking Skin

There are many retinol body lotion different options for creating a custom natural body lotion; however, there is one crucial step that is common to all lotion making. As a lotion maker, you must ensure that your lotions do not become contaminated with microbes during the lotion making process.

The best way to ensure that your natural body lotion avoids contamination is to sanitize all equipment prior to making your products. This includes any bowls, spoons, measuring spoons and cups, mixer beaters or the non-motor end of your stick blender. In other words, ANY object that will make contact with your lotion or lotion ingredients prior to being bottled. And yes, the bottles or containers that will hold your finished product must be sterile as well.

You will also need some type of preservative for your natural body lotion since you will want its shelf life to be longer than just a few short days. It doesn’t need to be anything full of chemicals; vitamin E oil and grain alcohol (aka Everclear) work very well as preservatives.

Natural body lotion has two main components, as does any lotion: oil and water. The water phase will incorporate water, and your preservative. You can also purchase commercial preservatives for lotions in many soap making specialty stores. If you decide that you would like to sell your lotions, check into your local regulations first. They may require use of a commercial preservative, and will also have strict labeling requirements that satisfy FDA regulations. The oil phase contains the oil of your choice, commonly jojoba, grapeseed, almond or olive oils along with any cocoa butter, or a like product.

The ingredient that brings all the components of natural body lotion together is an emulsifier. It keeps the oil and water components from separating back out. It can be something as simple as beeswax, or a commercial product known as “e-wax” is commonly used as well. The oil component of the lotion is slowly added to the water component, in the same manner that salad dressing is made. Voila! In just a few short minutes, you will have your own custom lotion.When caring for the skin, body lotions and creams are usually a helpful addition. Body lotions and creams help keep the skin hydrated and help to attain the goal of perfectly soft skin.

However when deciding whether to use a lotion or a cream, it depends on the individual and how dry the skin is. Dry skin can turn to be a more severe skin disorder if not taken care of and body lotions and creams help the skin to stay soft and fight against dry skin. The severity of the skin and how dry it is, will determine whether a lotion or a cream or a combination is necessary.

Both body lotions and creams are excellent at hydrating the skin and keeping it looking healthy and younger. Both work to heal and prevent dry skin by infusing it with moisture. Both are absorbed by the body into the blood stream and so it is important to make sure that whatever is going on your skin can be safe and healthy for your body.

Lotions and creams can be found with natural ingredients as opposed to being chemically based. It is important to know the ingredients of either the body lotion or cream that is being used and make sure that none of the ingredients will cause an allergic reaction in the body.

Body creams are generally used for skin disorders such as psoriasis and eczema as it can be spread over a small area of skin and can be used without wasting as much. Creams are particularly useful when the product does not have to be taken off the skin immediately as it is easily absorbed by the skin.

Creams for the body tend to be a better moisturizer and are better tolerated by the skin. Most are non-greasy which works well with most skin types and helps the skin maintain moisture. Eye creams and anti aging creams are also preferred over lotions targeting the same thing.

Lotions are generally used over larger parts of the body and work well over parts which are covered by hair, such as the chest or arms. Body lotions are quickly absorbed by the body and provide a cooling effect and so are generally recommended for dry skin during the summer months.

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